Ravish Kumar, A journalist with desi touch…

Ravish Kumar

A journalist with desi touch…

I hope you all are already watching him on NDTV in “Ravish Ki Report” to “NDTV Primetime”. I personally like him a lot, I like the way of talking also his unique reporting style. In desi he is totally Bebbaq Andaaj Patrakaar. I’m recommending you to avoid Saas-Bahu serials and watch him on NDTV “Prime Time” sharp at 9PM(Mon-Thur), If you finding some real entertainment.

Here are some more facts about the journalist: Ravish Kumar was born in a bihari family in a small district called Motihari, in Eastern State of India, Bihar. He studied at Loyola High School in Patna capital of Bihar, and later on he moved to Delhi for his higher studies.

He loves music and Hindi cinema and mainly old classical songs from Hindi cinema. He desire for photography. Ravish Kumar has worked with NDTV India, a national news channel in Hindi, for more than 15 years. He does a weekly report called Ravish Ki Report on NDTV India. He is prime time anchor in NDTV a leading news channel in India. He is famous for his “RAVISH KI REPORT”. He is also a blogger http://naisadak.blogspot.com/ You can meet him on this link. Ravish has been reviewing blogs for Hindi Daily Hindustan for the more than 2 years.

He has won several awards including Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism, for “his examination of the merits and demerits of the reservation policy with a visit to a Dalit Housing society in Delhi.”

He has published one book Dekhte Rahiye and his next book is going to published by Penguin India.

Recently ravish closed his Twitter account http://twitter.com/ravishndtv. Following are some of his opinion while closing Twitter account “कितना लिखें और कितना बकें बस एक सीमा पार करते हुए कहने से थकान होने लगी। ऊब गया। खालीपन अवांट- बवांट लिखने के लिए बाध्य कर रहा था। चार पत्रकारों को दस हज़ार सहचरों के बीच सेलिब्रेटी गढ़ देने से कोई सेलिब्रेटी नहीं हो जाता। औकात बोध से बड़ा कोई बोध नहीं है और बकरी पाल लीजिए मगर…..” for details visit here


Delicious Pav Bhaji of Muzaffarpur

Don’t know how it made, Don’t know how Pav bhaji traveled Mumbai to Muzaffarpur, Don’t know how to serve it. But i like Pav bhaji very much… and here in Delhi I missing that Maharashtrian food. I saw it yesterday night in a friends marriage party & that reminded me the taste, The taste of my hometown’s shafi daudi market’s pav bhaji. but that taste was missing here.

And now I’m finding places in Delhi where Pav bhaji served. Basically people like us facing problem like this frequently, because we migrated here. And Delhi’s culture is totally different from Muzaffarpur, same thing reflects to Delhi’s food also. If somebody knows about any restro where it served please help, it would be appreciated. Or I have to wait till Chath Puja when I go there.