British Council aims to improve English in all Bihar schools

British Council aims to improve English in all Bihar schools

British Council has started working with the department of education, government of Bihar on a teacher education project which aims to improve the teaching of English at secondary level in all government schools in Bihar.

The project, Bihar Language Initiative for Secondary Schools, (BLISS) funded by the Department for International Development of the UK (DFID) was initiated in January 2012 and runs till March 2014.

“As part of the BLISS project, we have commissioned ‘Pratham – Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) ‘ Centre to assist us in the production of a Bihar English Profile. The profile is an attempt to address research and information gaps that exist in English language teaching sector in Bihar”, said Debanjan Chakrabarti (head) English partnership (East India).

It aims to produce a comprehensive but accessible profile of the state which will be a core reference document for educational product development, project interventions, and reform. It will be of use to state planners, administrators, professionals and educationalists, as well as external agencies such as educational NGOs and businesses.

The profile will primarily be utilised as a digital resource which would be made freely available on British Council India and global websites. A limited number of print editions will also be provided for key stakeholders, Chakrabarti said.

“We are creating an English Language Profile for Bihar, which includes elements like english teaching, teacher training, english learning levels in both government and private schools (including private English teaching institutes like British Lingua). This project is concerned more with figures as this is more quantitative in nature”, says Anindya Dutta Gupta education consultant Pratham Education Foundation, New Delhi.

“We hope the profile will be a useful reierence document as well as a convenient aid for planning purposes for the department of education, government of Bihar”, Gupta said.

Source: TOI, YouTube


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