Abhishek Kumar on Rishikesh-Neelkanth way

And suddenly we stop there…..

Me on the bridge near water fall

Me on the bridge near water fall (Click to watch the location on google map)

In past some days, me and some of my friends was on tour. Basically more of us belongs from Bihar and that was our first Hilly area experience, Obviously we was very excited. On the way of Neelkanth Mandir, Uttarakhand while we are returning from there, We are very tired & hunger. On a sharp turn of the hilly road to Rishikesh we saw a small tea shop and suddenly we stop there with some expectations, and we were right the two-minute food “Maggie” was available there. We ordered the shopkeeper for 6 plates and walked away on the edge of the hill road.

OMG… there was a very beautiful water fall on the edge of the hilly road. After two or three minutes we were started taking shower in the catch of nature and it is totally different experience for us. We were never forget that unknown place till today. Whenever I remind that I feel like I’m there, “That amazing natural water fall can’t be forgotten”